Speaking of VLOGS – Casey Neistat

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Casey Neistat is pure motivation for me!

It took a while to fall completely in love with Casey Neistat and his videos but after a few episodes I was completely hooked. His super entertaining videos and a little push from my girlfriend (the best girlfriend in the world) was what got me started on my video blogs. And I love making my video blogs. I just want to make them better and more real estate related. I’ll get there. Give me a little bit more time to practice, then I’ll have them dialled in a bit better.

Below is one of many great episodes Casey posted. Look at how well he does it, all on his one. I love when the part where they ride their Boosted Boards at 5:35. He is flying his Drone while riding too! It’s crazy good!

Also. I am trying to make mine more like his but change his life with my stuff. Real Estate and business. What I find hard at times is trying to make something serious without losing the fun. Tips and ideas on what I could do would help! I know I’ll get it, I just want it to be perfect right away :)



The new Volvo XC90 is cool.

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You see the new Volvo XC90 more and more now and I like it. It’s cooler than the BMW X5 or the new Audi Q7 because I have decided so. I like SUV’s for their comfort and all the space you get. Not sure if I like them more than the American trucks though, speaking of space and comfort. The new Chevrolet Silverados, Dodge Ram’s and Ford F150’s are awesome. I would love to have one. And I guess I could have. Haven’t thought about that. I have been thinking about buying an old truck though. I think I’ll do that first. An old American truck.

Here is the XC90 by the way:

Volvo XC90



I played some golf the other day!

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And I love playing golf. At least Sometimes…

I find it hard to play when I’m stressed or have a lot on my mind. When I’m in a more peaceful state of mind and almost bored, it’s great. Here is why I love the game:

1. You need to believe you will succeed with what you are doing.
2. If things aren’t going your way, you must learn to stay motivated.
3. The golf courses are always a really beautiful environment to be in.
4. It’s good exercise. You get a few hours of walking outdoors.
5. Golf has an aura of exclusivity. 6. You meet cool people out there. And it’s a great way to hang out. And so on :)








VLOG6 – A CX-20 Drone with GIMBAL and GoPro

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My CX-20 drone with it’s Gimbal dosen’t work very well at all. I couldn’t get it to stop shaking completely. Very frustrating! I think I will get rid of it and buy a newer Phantom instead. I really don’t like having things that I can’t use.

I had to give up on the drone and go help some customers with quick fixes on their proeprties instead. The first place needed temporary hand rails over the summer so I put some pressure treated wood up. The second place has had issues with the new wooden countertop. It has bent as it got in to the warm and dry house. We solved it by turning it over and putting weights in it. Left it like that before going out in the video again to turn it back and glue it.

Anywhooo.. Enjoy :)



Is it risky to buy an old house?

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How risky is it to buy an old house?

Well, not that risky in my opinion, but an old house is old. If you are thinking about buying an older house, it might benefit you a lot to have some general knowledge about constructions. Older houses can be a lot better than a new one, but also a lot worse. If they are maintained and built properly, they can last forever. If not, they can be a never ending problem. Make sure you can get a general idea of what nick the house is in. Seek help if needed. Ask an older carpenter to come with you or so.

Personally, I prefer wooden houses when looking at older constructions. Wood is easy to repair and renew. If there are old rotten parts, you can cut out and replace. I also believe that a house that has been standing steady for 50 to 100 years has proved itself as a solid building on a good location. If it was rubbish, it wouldn’t be in good condition after that many years.

My parents have a house that is just over 100 years by the way. I like that house and the quality of it is great!

old house