A magnificent Swedish Sunset :)

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It was! Truly amazing. Best Swedish Sunset ever :) I know photos never make it look as cool as it actually was. Especially not with such an amateur behind the camera. But! I tried. The photos are below. I have seen a lot of pretty sunsets, but this one was different with the sun almost looking like a moon. A red moon.

Enough about that. Today is Tuesday, so I will spend the afternoon editing a new VideoBlog that I want out tomorrow. Still fun, so I hope you guys will enjoy it enough so that it’s worth doing! Have a great day!






This is a Beetle – I don’t want one.

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The VW Beetle is super popular, but I don’t like it. I never have. I don’t like their campers either. There is a ton of old VW hippie campers out there and they are fairly expensive. It’s weird to me that people are so fascinated by them. I mean, they could have a Mercedes Benz like us! What are people thinking? I mean, who chooses a VW before a Mercedes Benz? The Beetle by the way, it was manufactured from 1938 to 2003. Pretty insane!

Today we are out filming for the next video blog. Don’t ask me why, but for some reason the weekly videos excite me like crazy!




How about a new construction?

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A new construction on land that I already own? I have two multifamily houses in Sweden. They are located next to each other with an empty lot in between. On that lot I can put up a third multifamily house and I think I might try to do that soon.

The new place would be one of the bigger investments I have ever made and the construction would be fun. I also know I have the margins on my side, I have the financing in order and there are plenty of renters willing to pay what I need to make it profitable. I suppose all I have to do is get over some of the fears that are holding me back and then start taking baby steps towards the results I’m after.




Our RV – Part 2 – a new paintjob : )

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So we continued with some new paint on our Mercedes Benz RV since 1971. Same grey as they used on the roofs of my father’s barn :) It’s a good grey as it has a ton of anti-rust stuff in it. Since that is the number 1 enemy to our house on wheels, we hope it might help keep it alive for longer.

The white is painted of the same type. We used white on the roof in order to keep it a bit cooler inside during sunny days, than white inside the driver cabin. And the stripe! Almost forgot, we did a white speed stripe too! I really like our RV :)










Recreation – I just need it more some days

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A cold day is always pretty tough in my world. That’s why I stay out of Scandinavia during the winter months. But, if I’m unlucky, cold fronts pass by during spring and summer too :( When they do, like they just did, I find it very hard to do anything healthy at all. But! Thanks to a kind and motivating mother, I actually do tend to get some Recreation in the form of wax. It’s hard to get out and going, but always feels great when there and done. It’s weird to me how it sometimes can be so hard doing something that you know makes you feel better?