5 places where I worked most creatively


Richard Branson did a post about this the other day and it got me thinking, where have I worked the most creatively? This can be really good to know as it gives us the posibility to set up “office” where we work our best. So, here we go, my top five:

5. Grand Hotel, Stockholm.

You can go in to the bar and order coffee. It will set you back some $7 but you get a big can of your own which lasts you for two good hours. The environment is really sweet and it’s like a hybrid between old school luxury/ relaxation and modern business.

4. Starbucks, Birdrock, La Jolla, California.

I won’t really be able to tell you why these places worked better since it’s all about the feeling they create. For some reason I felt good and successful sitting on Starbucks in La Jolla and that translated in to good creative results.

3. My parents kitchen table, Sweden.

It’s where I usually end up when I’m home and I like it. Good people come and go, coffee and good breakfasts. It’s all I need.

2. On top of a skyscraper in Bangkok.

A hotel I stayed on for a few weeks had this huge pool area on to of a skyscraper and I really loved it there. I managed to plow through a ton of books, planned my next moves in real estate, set up meeting and just felt like a million bucks in general.

1. On a golf hotel outside the Church in Fåreveijle, Denmark.

I have only spent one hour working there, but what a great hour! It was while sitting there and crunching numbers I managed to find the guts needed for closing on a big old school that I rebuilt to an apartment building with 6 units.

As for Richard Branson I haven’t really ever spent much time in an office and I’ll probably keep staying out of them. What I do recognize is that I actually tend to work well outdoors in the sun. Preferably with a cup of coffee :) Where do you work most creatively?