A guy called William Arthur Bard said:

“Before you SPEAK, LISTEN.”
“Before you WRITE, THINK”
“Before you SPEND, EARN”
“Before you CRITICIZE, WAIT”
“Before you PRAY, FORGIVE”
“Before you QUIT, TRY”
“Before you RETIRE, SAVE”
“Before you DIE, GIVE”

Clever man, don’t you think? I know some of you can’t be bothered to read any of the many heavy books on personal development. If you are one of them, make sure to memorize these, then spend your life trying to get a little better at each one of them every day. Happiness will come, I promise! Development makes us happy as it takes us somewhere new. Human beings were not meant to be sitting around doing the same thing throughout their lives. So keep on getting better buddy!




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