I bought a car for the summer. A Volvo V60.. :(

Yep. A Volvo V60. Not as nice as the Audi I bought last summer, but I still kind of like it if I’m honest.

volvo v60

There are a few reasons for my choice of car. One is that a friend who is also a billion dollar real estate investor has a similar one. As I usually drive when we are out looking at business I have spent many hours behind the wheel of his Volvo and I have always liked it.

Another reason is that one of my idols, Fredrik Schiller on Solsidan drives Volvo’s. I like his style and I figured if he has one, I can have one.

The third reason is probably that Volvo makes the best diesel engines. As I’m sort of cheap (in a good way) and love to save a penny, being able to average 5 l/ 100 km or 56 MPG just feels nice.