Brune Kulle – 90 new lot’s with a view

Sounds like I’m trying to sell it, but I’m not. Brune Kulle is Swedish for Brown Hill. A pretty rubbish name for a new development if you ask me. Especially since it’s an area that will most likely attract people who are doing pretty well in life. I’m not sure people who are doing well in life wants to live on Brune Kulle or Brown Hill.


That said, I do like the place a lot. The views from the 90 or so new lots is awesome. You got tons of ocean view in several directions and people will for sure be able to create some really nice homes up there.


Developing a bigger area like this takes some guts as it’s very sensitive to market fluctuations. When this developer started this project some five years ago, it made no sense at all. Today, he’s about to make bank and for some reason I think he knew he would.