Christinehof Castle in Skåne

Christinehof was built in the mid 17-hundreds and I think it looks awesome! There is a very pleasant feeling there which is normal in all areas that attracted people to build castles on the spots they did.


Christinehof slott

christinehof castle

I am certain they knew and did something that we have forgotten about today. Every time I enter the grounds of a castle, I feel better. I want to stick around. My guess is that it has to do with water, magnetic fields and the flora.

For personal reasons, I would love to figure this out. Knowing how to find the spots where you just like being, then build there. I’m afraid it doesn’t do much business sense thou. When they built their castles, they built to stay around for generations. They made sure they got it right. Today it’s more about being convenient for now. Since this feeling isn’t anything real that could be put on paper, I don’t think people would be prepared to pay a premium for it. But who knows. Maybe in the future?

If you feel like visiting ChristineHof Caste, it’s located in Tomelilla county in the Swedish province of Skåne. You can read more about the castle here.