How we Clean up after Evicting bad Tenants

I made a video on the subject and I wanted to make this blog-post about it to keep that information easaly available to you guys.

The process I talk about in the video has been about the same since we got started with overhauling houses here in Florida. It always starts with junk removal and cleaning the property from everything that’s not going to be used in the house as it gets fixed up and rented. Secondly we re-paint more or less the whole inside including ceilings etc. After that we go over all plumbing and all electricity to make sure it’s in order. After that we put in new flooring or if possible, clean existing one. Finally we go over and clean it all, make sure all details are in order and give the place a nice finish.

This process will always look a little different depending on what every specific property needs, but in general, that gets the job done.