Just wanted to get rid of some bad photos.

Bad, bad photos… I know you aren’t supposed to do this as it makes my blog very unprofessional, but I tend to be the same no matter what I’m doing, so this will happen.

If I buy paint, boards, nails, etc. for a house I try really hard to use it all. If you can put 90% of what you buy into good, use it becomes a lot cheaper than if you only manage to use 60%. I had the same idea about the photos this morning. I know this is wrong, but I honestly have something built in to me that really wants to use all the photos I have rather than throwing them away, which I should do.

First, a photo of a police car in downtown Tampa :)


Then I have these few. It’s photos from two days ago when I walked by a big construction site. These photos are really awful, but as I said, I just have a really hard time throwing them away…








Then I have a photo of me, not playing pool at a pool table.


Ooh, I have this one. A really, really bad one I took when I was too lazy to step outside and capture something for real..


Then there is this piece of crap I snapped last Sunday. It’s a big apartment buildning that the county I live in is owning and rents.


I could do a lot more, but I probably shouldn’t. Seeing how this post turns out got me thinking. I probably should throw the bad ones away after all… And I will. Next time. Let’s just use this forum to get these final photos out as well:




No! That’s it. I’m strong enough to not keep this going. I will now delete 100 bad photos and go out to get new ones. New good ones. I hope you’re having a nice day! Talk to you later when I have some more and better quality content to share with you.