My Swedish Real Estate and plans:

So here is what’s up at this very moment.

In Sweden I have two commercial properties and a lot. The one has three rented apartments that were built in 2006 with a new heating system All in perfect nick with great tenants. Won’t be doing too much there.

The other one is a bigger house with a restaurant in the bottom floor, two apartments on the second and one one apartment on the third. There is also a lot of empty space on the top floor where I want to build a fourth apartment next summer. Other than that, all this house needs right now is a new heating system.

The lot is located in between the two multifamily houses and I want to build on it. My plan is to set up a house with five apartments. Two on each corner and a two story one in the middle. See the plans below. Not quite sure when I can get going with the build. Maybe this year, maybe next?


If any of you have land or are thinking about building something, let me know, I’ll help you get hold of what you need. E-mail me at