Real Estate Development in Florida

Some of it is like real estate development in Sweden and some isn’t.

All real estate development in Europe is pretty straight forward. When the cost of buying an older house get’s almost as expensive as building a newer one, more houses will be developed in that area. The value is more in the location than anything else.

In Florida it’s different. Americans value other stuff. I am amazed what they are willing to sacrifice to get what’s considered fancy in America.

For a house to be fancy you need three things. A pool, it should be newly built and most important, it has to be big! A big house equals success.

The following statement doesn’t go for all, but is definitely more common than un-common. Location does not seem to matter at all. People would happily sacrifice 45 minutes of driving through trailer parks and swamps in order to get a newer and bigger home where most Europeans would sacrifice size and age to live in a good location. Quite a big difference.

The result is that you find real estate development on the most odd locations around here and I think it’s hysterical. You can be driving in the middle of the boonies, and boom. 200 new homes being built. It’s the weirdest thing ever!

That said, I bet you can make a ton of money and the entry level for a real estate development should be much lower. Land in the middle of nowhere is cheap, so you can develop real estate on cheap land here. That wouldn’t work in Europe.

The question now is whether I should try my hands on real estate development here or in Europe..? I actually think Europe might be easier, even though it requires some more money to get going. Funny how different it is, don’t you think?

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