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Some random photos.

My girlfriend took these photos a few days ago. She started writing a blog about health and wellsness so we are getting in to the same business. Feels great to me. I had the photos on my computor and figured Id might as well share them. It’s a nice spot by the beach where they […]

Swimmig feels fantastic!

So here is a random blog post about nothing, but man, I love swimming! The best place to do it is the beach. Preferably in Sweden during the peak of summer. The water here is perfectly tempered by then and it’s also nice and salty without being too salty. Swimming in pools is pretty fine […]

Lucky guy!

   Don’t ask me why, but for some reason I love mowing lawns. Very visible results, lovely smell and the fact that you usually do it when the sun is out makes for a very stimulating experience. I think it’s nice. I also guess it helps to know I only have to do it when […]