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Bauhaus has been good to me!

I’m never disappointed after shopping at Bauhaus. Shopping for building materials have always been a bit of a thing for me. What places to go, what quality to get, how far to drive for it, how to get it delivered etc. Doing this right saves you a ton of money while getting it wrong can […]

The foundation is expenxive

A big part of a new house is the foundation. More so in Scandinavia and other colder parts of the world than Florida or Spain. The reason is its sophisticated insulation, wiring, plumbing and very often heating. Having hot water running in pipes in the foundation heats up the whole cement block which provides a […]

Pretty awsome!

I walked around my block today and found a super sweet construction. It’s a 5 million dollar lot where they are going to build a huge and very impressive house. At least according to the drawings constructor John showed me. And even thou the house and lot is crazy cool, it’s nothing compared to the […]