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Koenigsegg, SAAB and coffee.

On a coffee note, the Swedish coffee business has been the strongest of all segments of the Swedish restaurant industry. Now to cars. Koenigsegg is a Swedish car manufacturer, producing insanely fast cars that are really really cleverly engineered. Even though Koenigsegg is a pretty small company their ambitions are very cool. This show as […]

For some reason I like Starbucks, but..

From what I understand the average Starbucks customer is a worker who spends about 3.10 USD every weekday. That means that they spend 806 USD annually. And that means they spend 32 240 USD during their whole career. That’s a lot of money.. Let’s say you made that coffee at home instead and invested all […]


It’s my father’s fault. They came here in February. We had a really nice trip going from San Fransisco to Napa, Tulare, Grand Canyon, Sedona, Phoenix, San Diego, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and back to San Fransisco. As we drove around getting their daily afternoon cup of coffee was very important. And that’s all good […]

Breakfast in Little Italy

It’s a nice place, Little Italy. Great food and good atmosphere. Full of Italians, speaking Italian. And that’s pretty cool. I enjoy hanging out there. Makes me feel good. And they can give you a proper cup of coffee. That’s something pretty rare here in the United States of America.