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Bauhaus has been good to me!

I’m never disappointed after shopping at Bauhaus. Shopping for building materials have always been a bit of a thing for me. What places to go, what quality to get, how far to drive for it, how to get it delivered etc. Doing this right saves you a ton of money while getting it wrong can […]

A bit of work coming up.

I have noticed, planning is everything for successful construction. As I got into real estate budget was super tight so I did most work myself. It was fine as I was working on houses that I lived in myself during the renovations. Now, when working in apartments that I want leased as much of the […]

Pretty awsome!

I walked around my block today and found a super sweet construction. It’s a 5 million dollar lot where they are going to build a huge and very impressive house. At least according to the drawings constructor John showed me. And even thou the house and lot is crazy cool, it’s nothing compared to the […]