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I don’t know why I have been so anti Instagram. The app is so much better than all its rivals. There is a simplicity to it that beats Facebook, Pinterest and all others by far. Only thing as good would be Equobiz :) There is an APP coming for Equobiz as well. Should be launched […]

Social Networking

As most of you know, I have been on Facebook and Twitter for a while even though I’m not a very frequent updater. I will however make sure to get better. And. I will also get broader. As of yesterday I have also integrated LinkedIn, YouTube, Tumblr and Google+. And those are all very good […]

Film i Silicon Valley, mat i SF och vin i Napa Valley

Det har varit en sjukt ball dag! Jag körde upp till Silicon Valley och mötte upp med ett par bekanta som visade mig runt. Besökte Apple, Facebook och Google samt spelade in massvis med film! Efter Silicon Valley blev det middag i San Fransisco (som för övrigt har sjukt fin Skyline på kvällen) innan jag […]