What makes someone successful?

I think I belive that knowledge and the ability to act is what makes someone successful.

But I also know there is more to it. Like skill, timing, self-discipline, luck, etc. Or wisdom. I love the idea of being wise. I think I said it before, but there is a definition of wisdom that state: “the ability to make constantly good decisions”. In doing so, what can go wrong?

So now, back to what makes someone successful. Knowledge can be attained, the ability to act can be solved by motivation, wisdom comes from doing, skills can be learned, timing can be yours through study if historic cycles, self discipline you just have to man up and do it right, but luckily? How do we get lucky? Well. Let me tell you about the path to luck.

what makes someone successful

the path to luck

If you want to be luckier, start (more…)

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