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I found an old video of mine.

It has actually got quite a few views. People really like cars. All videos about cars tend to get a lot of attention. Fun! Watch it if you have a minute to spare. There were actually lot’s of nice cars there that day! Link to video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rBKhGJJrbrE If you aren’t already subscribing to my YouTube […]

back home. Hoping to leave soon :)

Have some pretty boring stuff to get through. Should take me two weeks or so. After I’m done I’ll go somewhere fun. Not sure where, how and when thou. Kind of feel like going for an adventure, but I might be a bit comfortable to do anything that is too hardcore. I also want to […]

Gumball 3000 is on

They are in Paris this morning, now heading south. I love Gumball. It’s super entertaining and sort of shows of an ideal lifestyle in my opinion. Driving around the world in awesome cars with tons of good friends and insane parties. Ideal! For best coverage of the rally, check out “World of Betsafe” (my favourite […]

Gumball 3000

They are doing an insanely cool rally this year. Miami to Ibiza. It’s super cool when they arrange races that span over different continents. As of last year they passed through Sweden. One of their stops was at the Koenigsegg factory where I happened to know some people who invited me down to have a […]