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Third spring this year :)

First one was in California, mid February I think. Then another one as I was driving through Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. Now a third one here in Sweden. Pretty cool and very nice! I love spring. Watching a green explosion and enjoying the nicer weather. (ps. I live down on the left side next to […]


I got a press pass for Fiera Cavalli in Verona Italy. A very big equestrian event with show jumping, western riding and lot’s of random horsiness. It’s actually a very cool place to be. And the press pass is treating me well. Free food and drinks. Free access to all different areas and an office […]


I have been very lazy when it comes to promoting Equobiz lately. Sort of sad. The site needs tons of attention to keep growing. A few months ago I hired an assistant in The Phillipines to help me. Worked out ok but not 100%. I know I need a new one but haven’t got that […]