I now own rentals in Florida :)

It’s for real. I really do own rentals in Florida!

Nice ones at that. There are two duplexes with one 2 bed, 1 bath and one 1 bed, 1 bath in each house. I posted some photos of them here on the blog earlier, but I think you might get a better idea of it all in this video from our walk around the place:

I am honestly pretty proud of what we did, me and Rachel. These two duplexes are now in really good condition. There is also a smaller house in the back of the property which is rented by a very kind and quiet old man. We then have two more houses down the street, both rented to nice and clean younger men.

If we get everything rented, which we should since there is already a long list of people wanting to move in, we should be getting a 25% return on investment. That is really spectacular and makes me very happy to say the least. We spent $ 155 000 buying all the houses. Another $ 15 000 on fixing them up. $ 170 000 total. Rental income should be just over $ 4 000 a month.

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