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Aripeka Sunset

All of our houses in Florida are by the gulf. The gulf means the West Coast of Florida. The west coast and north of the equator means that the sun sets in the ocean. That’s a good thing! Here is our Aripeka Sunset:

A magnificent Swedish Sunset :)

It was! Truly amazing. Best Swedish Sunset ever :) I know photos never make it look as cool as it actually was. Especially not with such an amateur behind the camera. But! I tried. The photos are below. I have seen a lot of pretty sunsets, but this one was different with the sun almost […]

Sorry! I can’t help myself. Tampa Sunset :)

But this is the last few photos. Looking at a Tampa sunset just makes me feel nice. That red glowing sun hitting the Skyscrapers. Very nice :) It probably seems like I’m obsessed with the Tampa Sunset, the Tampa Skyscrapers and Tampa in general, but I’m not! I just like it a ton and it […]