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Look how nice my Ridgeline looks in the dark :)

It hit me last night. It’s one of the better cars I ever owned. My all time favourite as of today is the almost brand new Audi A6 I drove two summers ago, but this one ain’t far behind. The Honda Ridgeline is built like an SUV with independent suspension and good soundproofing. It rides […]

My girlfriend bought me a Truck :)

I can’t say that I’m suprised giving that I have the best girlfriend in the world, but. It’s a truck!! I got to choose what I wanted so went with a Honda Ridgeline. It’s a super nice and comftarble truck that’s built like an SUV. Makes it much smoother and cooler than most normal work […]

The new Volvo XC90 is cool.

You see the new Volvo XC90 more and more now and I like it. It’s cooler than the BMW X5 or the new Audi Q7 because I have decided so. I like SUV’s for their comfort and all the space you get. Not sure if I like them more than the American trucks though, speaking […]