This is all interesting in it’s own ways.

First off. They are opening a new terminal for the rich and the famous on LAX in Los Angeles. You pay a few thousand USD to get access to what helps you bring your average 2 200 steps from the drop off to the plane down to 60. Other benefits include luxury, style and class. However, they aren’t the first. There is a terminal on Heathrow in London that used to be exclusively for British Royalty. It’s now been opened to the public, if they can pay for it that is. Good stuff!

Secondly. Some of the founders of Skype have a new business in their pipeline. As Amazon and Whalmart are working on permitting deliveries with drones, these guys designed a robot that can drive to their customers on the sidewalks. Thanks to the Segway and the change in regulations it brought with it, there are no changes needed to support the technology so they are pretty much ready to go. Might work? I just hope no one tries to steels them as they drive around..?

Finally. Two new bids out on properties a lot bigger than what we had first planned for. We will be stretching our budget a little bit if this works out. It’s two duplexes, two houses and one cottage with more than an acre of land that could be re-zoned commercial. Needs some TLC, but can generate great cash flow and there are also good possibilities to keep buying up the rest of the block if the economy is as good as it looks.

I hope you are doing well! Take care.



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