3 × Police

Yes. I have been fiddeling with the police three times. Yesterday was the most expensive but definetly not the worst. The worst was something I didn’t really want to talk about. But.. fuck it. Here it goes:

First night was spent in Flyinge, Sweden where I did some horsebussiness. (Equobiz). Second night just at the end of the Stora Baelt bridge. Third night in Flensburg, Germany. Forth just north of Amstedam, fifth on a hotel in Amsterdam and then. The sixth night.. In my car again, still in Holland, but close to the Belgian border..

I was chillin, smoked a joint, had some wine (quite alot) and cooked some dinner on my portable stove. When done I got in to the car, undressed and laid down on top of my sheets. Works fine as I have curtains so nobody can see in to the car.

As I laid there I felt a need to pee. Since it’s cold and uncomftarble to get dressed and run in and out of the car whenever it’s time, I pee in a big cup and then just open the door and poor it out on the ground under the car. 

So. I pissed. Almost filled the cup to the brim and was just about to open the door and poor it out when a car parked right next to me.. 

I didn’t want to poor the pee out with the people there so waited, naked on my bed in an old rusty Toyota with a cup of pee in my hand.

Then another car stopped right next to me. So more waiting. I waited and I waited..

Then the people in the second car got out and started running around my car looking on my bike and stuff. They kept hanging around so I looked out under the curtains and FUCK! The police…

Since I didn’t want to lay naked on the bed with pee in my hand I put the cup down next to the drivers seat and got under the sheets before opening the door.

Turns out they were upset because they couldn’t see my licenseplate when I had thet trialbike on at the back of the car (I know that and keep it that way on purpose). Since I wasn’t driving at the time they couldn’t do more than give me a warning, then they asked me a million questions before finally taking of.

All good. No issues with me beeing drunk or high. Good! And finally some peace and quiet so I can poor that damn piss out.

As I reached for the cup my hand got a bit wet. When looking at the place where I put the cup, there was now a flood of …. You know what..

The cup had fallen and I now had my piss all over the drivers seat, gearstick and handbrake. NOT NICE under normal surcomstances, and specially not when you are on a road trip and live in the car!!

Spent almost 3 hours cleaning and it still stinks in there…