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Our new HOUSE!

So me and my wife finally invested in something for ourselves. Feels very wierd to buy something that we wont be making as much money of off, but very comfortable to finally have a proper home of our own. And when I say no money, I do hope we will make some. We have a […]

Golfing for my head

That’s what I’m doing today. Golfing for my head. I tend to feel much better when I walk or play golf. I guess it’s the outdoors and the gentle exercise that does it. When I play golf and walk I tend to think about things I like. Potential business, things that I’m proud of, possibilities, […]

Aripeka Sunset

All of our houses in Florida are by the gulf. The gulf means the West Coast of Florida. The west coast and north of the equator means that the sun sets in the ocean. That’s a good thing! Here is our Aripeka Sunset: