I have expanded my business with Attefallshus – Attefallsfabrik.se

In America people they are going completely crazy about tiny houses. I don’t like them. Their main benefit is the fact that they are permitted free. But you don’t get much if you want to stay clear of the bureaucracy. In Sweden, however, things are a little different. In Sweden people are allowed to build real houses of up to 25 sq. m. (270 sq.ft.). A potentially even bigger if the Swedish government can make up their mind.


These houses are perfectly good enough to live in and they do not require any building permits. Like a tiny home, but actually good enough to use and live in. I love there type houses and because of my love for them, I ended up doing a lot of work around them. That lead me to this:


AttefallsFabrik.se is our way of serving all our fellow Swedes with really good Attefallshus (the Swedish version of tiny homes) and we are proud of it! It’s a proper quality house that is well insulated and fully equipped. We manufacture them in our factory outside Riga in Latvia then bring them to our customers fully completed. We then lift them in place and our happy customer can start using their new house the same day as we deliver it.

Go over and read more on our new homepage: AttefallsFabrik.se

If you or anyone you know needs a house, let me know! If you manage to bring us customers, we would be happy to pay you a commission of $500. These are great products for a great price and I couldn’t be happier about this new venture of ours.

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