The social stuff.

This is awkward, but Id like to ask for a favour. I don’t post that frequently, but it happens and when it does, I usually spend some time trying to post something decent. I’m not talking about this blog, but my new found passion for Instagram. Don’t ask me why, but for some reason I’m really liking the app and looking at the pictures I have posted the last few years makes me feel really good. My problem is that I’m lacking followers to show those photos to :( The favour? Giving the fact that you are a few hundred super awesome unique people visiting this blog every day, it would really make my day if some of you would consider following me on Instagram as well. It would help build my confidence considerably and make me feel a lot better about my photographing.. :)

My Instagram account can be found here:


If you feel like making my day even better I also have a YouTube account that is in constant need of subscribers in order to keep growing. Believe me, I feel like a fool asking for all this stuff, but it would help me a great deal. I would feel a lot better if my social network thing comes even close to the amount of returning visitors I have here.

My account on YouTube is here:


Then there is a Facebook page HERE. But for some reason I’m not as fond of Facebook as the other two.

Sorry for being such a fool, but I would feel better if I would get a few more views on my videos or just one more like on my Instrgram photos. You guys are the best in the world and help me way more than you can imagine. This blog has helped build my confidence to a level that makes me a lot better in the business I’m in. THANKS!



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