Best sites for property search?

As most of you would know I’m searching for potential investments in Florida. I know this isn’t something that I’d have to do, giving my current success on the Swedish market, but it’s something I want to and have dreamed about doing for years.

As for now, I have found the following sites to help me in my search for real estate and land.


plus some e-mail updates various realtors I have been in contact with keeps sending me.

The problem is… it’s a hot market for investors. Not so hot for actual home buyers, but for investors. The result is that all homes that needs some tender love and care are getting more and more expensive without fetching a much higher price when done and ready to be sold to the average Joe. They also sell super quick. All foreclosures, fixer uppers, short sales have received a good bid and shifts before the end of day one on the market.

As strategies have to be varied work in the current market I’m now leaning more towards trying to shift land, some commercial buildings or smallest developments. A cheap development that looks like it can bring in good cash is buying descent lot’s and put second hand mobile homes on them. Could be pretty fun too as there is plenty of cheap land available and they seem to sell quick. Many small deals can be really fun if they are profitable.

Anyone of you who can come up with other interesting ways of making money in a market like the one I’m describing?



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  1. Kenny $$$

    A friend of mine bought land on ebay. Thanks for all the good information Lars. Your site is super inspiring!

  2. larsdyrendahl

    Thank you! And thanks for the information!

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