Images that fit. Let’s start with a Castle :)

Halmstad Castle to be exact. Anywhoo. I have had a few complaints from some readers of my very shoddy blog. Last one from my very not shoddy girlfriend. The problem is the proportions of the photos and videos I post. They don’t really fit the window which makes for a less pleasant reader experience. In order to fix it, I’m trying out a new crop. Bare in mind, I didn’t think for these new proportions when taking the photos, so not perfect yet, but I’ll make sure to get it better.





And in the pictures? Halmstad castle was built between 1600 and 1615 for the Danish king Kristian IV as Halmstad belonged to Denmark at the time. The architect, Hans van Stenwinkel, did a really good job and I find it pretty cool how a house built some 400 years ago still manages to look cool :)