Look at that! Crop Circles! Over Texas.

I took a flight from Los Angeles to Orlando the other day and saw all these Crop Circles from above. Looks really cool! I’m pretty sure I took most of the photos over Texas.

A nice flight, giving how we flew pretty much the exact same route I drove on my motorbike when I did the coast to coast a few years back. I made some of my favourite videos as I traveled with my GoPro. The videos are HERE if you feel like checking them out.

And the photos :)

Crop Circles







About Crop Circles, or center pivot irrigation. It’s a result of growing crops in dry regions where you need to water the field in order to get anything to grow. The easiest and cheapest way to water crops is by using a sprinkler that turns in a circle. As a result, you get circular fields as it only grows where the water reaches the crops. And now we know that :)