Golfing for my head

That’s what I’m doing today. Golfing for my head. I tend to feel much better when I walk or play golf. I guess it’s the outdoors and the gentle exercise that does it. When I play golf and walk I tend to think about things I like. Potential business, things that I’m proud of, possibilities, etc. That helps build my confidence.


I also find golf a bit fancy. It takes a lot of time and sometimes money to play. That helps me feel successful. Then the game itself. They call it the greatest game ever because of the mental aspects of it. I love those. Staying motivated, positive and confident. If I can master it on the golf course I find myself doing much better in real life.

Me and my wife have been in Sweden for a few weeks now. People here are not as kind and positive to anyone living life differently. Jantelagen is still very much alive. It’s a sad culture where they foster everybody to be the same. I think we should all do the opposite. If someone is doing well on any level, please tell them! Help them feel good about it!