I have been very lazy when it comes to promoting Equobiz lately. Sort of sad. The site needs tons of attention to keep growing. A few months ago I hired an assistant in The Phillipines to help me. Worked out ok but not 100%. I know I need a new one but haven’t got that sorted yet.


The Facebook page created to reach potential users keeps growing and gets a lot of interaction. But that’s all irrelevant if I can’t get followers on Facebook to become users of Equobiz. A challenge I havn’t mastered yet.


I did try Facebooks ads with a primary mission of getting people to click their way straight to Equobiz. Didn’t work. Many became followers of the Facebook page, few became users of Equobiz.


Best results come from videos. They get tons of attention and that makes for some very good “under the radar” marketing. It’s also free. Another great tool is e-mail marketing, reaching friends of users etc. Very powerful. Might have to use that in order to get more people engaged.

The site will be BIG! I know it. Just need to work harder in order to speed the growth up. Or at least hire a new assistant who can work harder in order to speed the growth up. Maybe even two assistants??