Increased interest

It’s now been almost 10 months since the (former and proper) Swedish government made it easier for homeowners to build cabins up to 25 sq.m. these cabins are now named Attefallshus after the minister who made this possible. Attefallshus can be built without a building permit that used to be a necessity. All you need to get going today is a “start permit” that you supposively can’t be denied as long as you stay within certain relations. I like this.

Below are a few shots of some Attefallshus I have delivered to a few of my happy happy customers :)




Theese are mostly Enkelrum. A very pleasent little house that is completed on the factory before we deliver it to your property with a key in the door and ready to use. Very simple and very clever!

Now. Back to the general knowledge about Attefallshus. For some reason interest is really picking up right now and more houses than ever before are being ordered. I believe it’s mostly because it’s spring and that fact that Swedens current (and miserable) government it planning to remove our “ROT avdrag”. A tax deduction for people doing improvements to their private properties. And the fact that is spring so all people who has spent months indoor planning this summer’s action are going about doing their thing right now.

If you feel like getting hold of a good attefallshouse feel free to e-mail me and I’ll get you your best deal ever! It’s what I do :)