Not very good.

But I look the part! And that’s way more important than how you ride! Also turned out to be great exercise for me and my now thank’s to the trial very strong back!


I had a bit of an accident 10 years ago. Back then me and my buddies were into motocross and FMX. We were out riding some trails and drove on a small road at 70 km/h or so. In this pretty high pace we jumped a 2 meter ditch. Didn’t go that great for me.

My front tire hit something and threw my way out front on the bike causing us to roll over forward for a while before sending the bike straight up to the sky and then on to my back.

In shock I ran up, got my bike up, said something like “Shit, I can’t ride this trash home” before collapsing.

While waiting for my father to come take me to the hospital my friend held me in his lap while I got more and more drowsy. I told him how I was loosing my arms and legs. Couldn’t feel. Couldn’t move. Very scary!

Finally. My father. We were off. But not to the hospital. My father said he needed to go home and get changed before he could go there. So we drove home.. At our house my sister had a farewell party before leaving for Australia. Lot’s of people came out to have a look at the zombie in the car (including an at the time pretty recent ex girlfriend). I was not very social at the moment..

My father came back and we were off. The highway from our house to the hospital is made out of concrete blocks. Every gap between those blocks felt like an electric shock all through my body.. Arrived at the hospital and my father walked in. Took about two second than a huge team of doctors and nurses came rushing out and gently carried me inside, cut all my clothes off and pumped me full of morphine. Nice.

According to my father I yelled at the nurses because they wouldn’t give him morphine as well. It was Saturday night and we were in town. That means one should have some fun. Especially my father who wasn’t out for decades was my argument..

After x-ray and checkup it turned out I didn’t have any fatal injuries. I had 6 cracked ribs, 4 cracks in my sternum, bruises and 2 compressed vertebrae in my back. All we could do wait for it all to heal. In order to do so I needed lot’s of morphine and a bed where I could lie still! FOR THREE WEEKS!!!

After this hellish period I could finally take a few small steps again. I could go to the toilet (amazing!!) and I could start working on getting back to normal. Took about three months. Plus a few weeks of getting out of the depression caused by the lack of margin. Then. Back on the bike.

Kept riding for a few years and everything was good. I then stopped riding and that made my health worse. I apparently need the exercise to keep my back strong. If I don’t it hurts and I get tired with it. So. Today the trail is my tool of keeping my back in a good shape. Get it?? I’m not a pro. But I’m healthy!