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The trees are blooming

I love seeing how the grass get’s greener and greener before the trees starts exploding with green leaves and flowers. It’s truly awesome when the trees are blooming! It’s also awesome feeling the first properly warm sunshine on your face and hear how birds start welcoming the spring all around you. You would think it […]

My Budapest review

A Budapest review because I spent the last few days in Hungary. As I was a bit too lazy to bring my computer and big camera, I only updated my Instagram during the trip. My account is HERE. And speaking of accounts. I have one on YOUTUEBE as well. I want subscribers there too. If […]

Happy New Year!

Thanks to some of the best e-mails I have ever gotten I have decided to keep writing for a while. A friend told me: “It’s a proven way to write down your goals. For even better effect, tell everybody around you.” Looking at it that way, I feel more righteous to share my experiences AND […]

Highlights 2015

It’s been a good year that started off with nothing but fun and games. Flying airplanes and snowboarding in Sweden. Biking and kayaking in California. Riding the American coast to coast on a motorbike then hanging out in Miami. Buying the new Audi then driving a Ferrari. Beer in Prague and then the walk from […]