On the road again :)

Or.. Sort of on the road again. I left San Diego yesterday (on my motorbike) for my drive from the Pacific Coast to the Atlantic coast. (Finally!) Something I have been wanting to do for a really long time. The first leg was great. Used some small mountain roads out of the city the descended into a nice and warm desert where I could go pretty much as fast as I liked.


Then, after a few hours of driving I decided to stop for a good night’s sleep, so checked into a Motel. When I woke up, I saw this:


Rain!?!?! And lot’s of it. 30 hours straight which stranded me for a while. Today it looks a lot better so I’m about to hit the road again. Sort of funny. Getting stuck in the rain in the middle of the desert for 30 hours!! First time they had rain like this since 2012..

On a business note, I updated the homepage a bit. The one you see on your smartphone look pretty much the same with some new links in the menu. The one for regular browsers, has now got a constant sidebar where you can find some more information about what I do.

As I commence with this trip I think I’ll get back to sending out some Sunday updates to my e-mail list. If you aren’t already in it, then giving me your e-mail below or in the sidebar (or using the link in the menu for smartphones).

Have a great day and week! I sure will :) Looking forward to see how much damage this rain did to all these roads around here that are actually some 15 meters below sea level..