Poor engineering

My phone is being repaired. I accidently dropped it on the ground after a pretty wild night out in western Belgium. The camera glass was broken, the camera full of shit and nothing really worked anymore. As I kind of want it and need it I took it to the shop today to get it sorted out. Pretty pricey as expected, but I was amazed by the poor engineering behind it.


In order to change the camera they will have to change the whole frame of the phone. In order to change the frame they have to remove the display. There is no way to remove the glued display without destroying it so in the end it’s gonna have to be replaced as well. So. To get a new camera lens in the Samsung Galaxy S5 you will have to get a frame and display to. Stupid! I mean I can see it’s a good thing for Samsung to sell more parts, but it also makes them look like fools not being able to engineer it better.

To me brilliant engineering is about simplicity. It’s like professional within all fields. The best always makes something very difficult look very easy. It’s an art not complicating stuff. When mastered, you are a rock star within your field of interest. Capish?