Public transport is both good and bad.

Public transport is good when it works, bad when it doesn’t. Good when there is enough people making it worth while, bad when there isn’t. The trains and the subway work really well but the busses frustrate me. They have to fight traffic and the traffic in Stockholm is terrible. Now that I’m thinking about it, a city with poor traffic makes public transport look better. It might not be any better, it’s just a better option then driving? What if they spent all the funds allocated to public transport on making the traffic flow better?

I love driving and stick to my car as much as I which makes me opinionated. I know public transport can be more environmental and I know that not everybody wants to own a car. The one thing that hurts me the most is when I see big busses driving by my house with 1 passenger. The cost of transporting that passenger is massive and it’s all tax money. Not fair! In central Stockholm, where people are using the system, I think I’m all for it. Where there aren’t any customers, not so much.

public transport