The new houses!! :)

As mentioned earlier, we bought two houses here. Financing is hard so we had to pay cash for e’m but we bought them cheap, so suppose that’s fine. One of them is rented and we have new tenants in the second home. The return on investment is actually pretty amazing. If it all works out we will be seeing more than 20% return on the investment :) Not bad, huh? The best part is that this is not the end of our investments. We are negotiating to buy another three houses down the street and then have our eyes on another two. The goal is to buy up most of the houses on the main street, especially the bad ones, clean them up, get good tenants and bring the cute town back to its former glory. We will make it artsy instead of a hillbilly community. Ambitious but really, really fun!

We borrowed a friends Corvette and drove out there the other day. Had a great time so tried to capture some of it on the cell phone camera and made a video. Have a look:



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