Some valuable statistics:

Sweden’s by far biggest site for real estate transactions is called Hemnet. And that’s ok because the site is very easy to use, has great statistics and several good search functions. Two downsides too. 1. It’s a bit pricey. 2. Only realtors are allowed to put ads on there. There should have been a tab for private sellers.


Part of their great statistics were just put together with some fine information about what is the most sought after type of real estate in Sweden. And here are the results:

The Swedish buyer wants a house that is around 120 sq.m. for 2,8 million SEK. The house needs an open kitchen area with countertops of stone and floors of wood. There should be 4 bedrooms and two fully tiled bathrooms. One of the bathrooms should have a bathtub. Finally, they prefer if there is a fireplace and a deck or balcony.

Statistics like this is great and makes remodeling easy as you know just what to go for. It also made me happy as I own a house remodelled just like that :) Only thing missing is a bath tub… Still. Easy fix!