One day of it. More than plenty for me so leaving for Florida tonight feels just fine :) Pretty unusual with snow and weather this cold around my house. I…

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Epic :)

Or, well, somewhat epic. I do think it is very beautiful and I love how you get so much beach for yourself. One of Swedens perks :) Got some thinking…

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Or, sort of.. Temperature usually hovers a few degrees above freezing. Still beautiful out there. Id say nature is almost as beautiful as my car. My wonderful car :)

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Sweden VS. USA

Good in Sweden: A strong and stable economy with low transaction costs. Good in USA: A strong and stable economy with low to moderate transaction costs. Bad in Sweden: Moderate…

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The ad!

As I told you a while back, I decided to check for potential buyers for one of my houses. I have had it rented for a few years, which works…

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