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Perfect house for a Petrolhead

A good house should also be a garage. At the same time. This estate is right up my sleeve. Perfect place! The house features two bedrooms, three bathrooms, massive living rooms and a 20 car garage. As with most good things, this house is located in USA. West Bellevue, Washington to be more exact. They […]

Next Stop

London! I heard London is one of the most super car dense places in the world. Specifically Kensington in London. So, as I haven’t seen the city, I decided to go there. I’m flying out of San Diego tonight and booked a hotel close to Hyde park for the next few days. Feeling pretty excited! […]

en skidåkare med hans bilar.

Han är känd för fin smak när det kommer till bilar, Jon Olsson. Och helt berättigat känd. Mycket av det han kört är bland det mest smakfulla jag sett. Under senaste året har han haft en period med mer camouflage inspirerade wraps på en del av det han kört. (Lamborghini Gallardo, Audi R8, Audi Q7 […]