Perfect house for a Petrolhead

A good house should also be a garage. At the same time. This estate is right up my sleeve. Perfect place!


The house features two bedrooms, three bathrooms, massive living rooms and a 20 car garage.


As with most good things, this house is located in USA. West Bellevue, Washington to be more exact.


They estimate it’s worth somewhere around 4 000 000 USD. Roughly 28 000 000 SEK.


Building something like this in Sweden would be very difficult giving our insanely overregulated and old fashioned socialistic circumstances. However. Give it some time. Things should get better.


You see. Almost all good things in our society (except some cool cultural stuff/ food) come from the west. Philosophical ideas, inventions, economics and more. Almost all of it takes off in the USA then slowly moves east over our globe.


As I have said before. I’m a liberalist. There is no country in the world as liberal as the United States of America. Spending time there is dangerous. It’s like tasting forbidden fruit. Once you get back to Europe where you are constantly told what to do, what to think, how to behave it gets really annoying. I mean really annoying.


Hard to say if I’ll ever be able to live here again. It’s just not the same. Europe is too socialistic and have idiotic ideas about how countries should be run. They overregulate and makes everything to complicated. Europe is not going to be among the wealthier in the world if we don’t stop acting like such semi communists. Sanctions, rules and allowances is wrong 99% of the time. A government is there to keep peace. Then they should leave the people alone to live their lives in whatever way they find appropriate.