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Richard Bransons Books

What about Richard Bransons book? I found this Virgin store on a trip from the US to Europe a few weeks back. Not sure why, but it made me feel nice. For some reason Virgin and Richard Bransons books has always been with me in my business career. Virgin and Richard Branson is also very […]

Some new books

I ordered a few new books today. The rain made me feel like reading and I didn’t find anything good enough to get going lying around at home. Reading is pleasant and makes gives you lot’s of knowledge! Always make sure you read the right stuff. Reading the wrong book is like listening to the […]

there is this book

I just read something about it this morning. Apparently it’s both Warren Buffets and Bill Gates favourite business book. Since I love business books and I figured they should know what’s good and what’s not I wanted to buy it. Sadly I have only found 2 that is for sale.. And their price.. 2 990 […]