there is this book

I just read something about it this morning. Apparently it’s both Warren Buffets and Bill Gates favourite business book. Since I love business books and I figured they should know what’s good and what’s not I wanted to buy it. Sadly I have only found 2 that is for sale..


And their price.. 2 990 USD… There is a new paperback coming, but I don’t like waiting..

If you want to get the book, it’s called “Business Adventures” by John Brooks. You can find it on Amazon.

Amazon by the way. Cool company. I have a buddy in California who told me they are trying to get the permits needed for using drones to deliver small merchandise. They would pick the thing up in the warehouse, then fly it out to the customer using GPs coordinations then back and on to the next delivery. I understand the legal issues with getting this going, but still. Pretty futuristic idea.

If you are searching for a good read, have a look in my Library