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Here’s whats up. Winter in southern Sweden. New camera on my phone (see image below) and the Toyota is still working fine. Think I might sell it. The idea was to drive south and give it away when I encountered issues. But. No issues. I drove and drove, but no issues. After 7 weeks of […]

To the TOP

Or. When I say too.. I hit a few peaks yesterday as I was driving over the Pyrenees. The highest one was almost 2 200 meters. Not bad huh? That means my old 500€ Toyota has taken me from southern Sweden to northern Spain and then straight up over these mountains. I mean we practically […]

Cheap Car Challenge

They have them on Top Gear. Now I’m sort of doing it myself. I bought an old Toyota that I’ll use to drive south. Not sure how far I’m going yet, but would be cool to leave Europe and enter either Asia (through Turkey) or Africa (through Marocko). We’ll see. The car is pretty rubbish. […]