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How to get paid for Real Estate Developments

There are of course many ways to make money on Real Estate developments. This time I got paid for merging the builder with the land owner. I got paid by the builder for finding a potential development that he could get started on right away. The land I found was zoned for the type structures […]

I find the Jaguar E-Type very cool.

The Jaguar E-Type was launched at Geneva motor show in March 1961. The owner of Jaguar was already there with one car, but got to the conclusion that he would probably need two cars for the reveal. He phoned back to Britain and told his most trusted test driver to get in a car and […]

Look how nice my Ridgeline looks in the dark :)

It hit me last night. It’s one of the better cars I ever owned. My all time favourite as of today is the almost brand new Audi A6 I drove two summers ago, but this one ain’t far behind. The Honda Ridgeline is built like an SUV with independent suspension and good soundproofing. It rides […]

My girlfriend bought me a Truck :)

I can’t say that I’m suprised giving that I have the best girlfriend in the world, but. It’s a truck!! I got to choose what I wanted so went with a Honda Ridgeline. It’s a super nice and comftarble truck that’s built like an SUV. Makes it much smoother and cooler than most normal work […]