Soon to be developed

Not developed by me, sadly, but still to my advantage. The whole area is under construction and I love walking around looking at their progress. The road is Old Dixie HWY and the area is called Sun West. The development plan is to build some 2 500 houses, restaurants and a golf course, meaning it’s a major project!


sun west developed

How is this to my advantage?

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City Planning, good or bad?

This is a very tough question, so I would probably be better off staying away from the subject. But, city planning..

City planning, or Zoning is when the local politicians decide how they want an area to look. They decide if they want residential or commercial buildings. How high the houses should be and sometimes even what colors your place should be painted in.


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I know it's not the best coffee in the world, but there is just something about it. It's not even close to an Italian small town hut, but there is…

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