I think it’s better to build in the hills

If we build in the hills we get better views, more privacy and we save a lot of the land that can otherwise be used for agriculture.

Looking at it short term, it’s way more expensive to build in the hills, but I think better long term.

If you want to build a house in a field, all you have to do is pour some concrete. If you want to build a house in the hills, there will very likely be some work before you can even start on the foundation. But! You get a nicer view. Your neighbour will most like be up or down the hill which will bring more privacy and we will get more and cheaper food if we keep the flat soil open for farmers to grow crops and vegetables on.

build in the hills





I know you guys aren’t too happy about commenting, but does anyone of you have any opinions on this? And don’t get me wrong, to build in the hills dosen’t necessary have to mean inthe hills, it’s more about staying of the more fertile fields. I have a feeling that fresh and local food is pretty good to have plentyfull in the long run?