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Sushi for lunch when working!

I think sushi is just awesome! It’s my perfect treat for myself during working days. Just makes working days more fun. I tend to do that. Find things that make it more fun to do stuff that I might not find super fun. Besides raw fish I might treat myself after a trip with a […]

(almost) Italian pastries.

The Italians here in Florida are like 3rd generation and I’m afraid a lot of what I like about Italy have been lost along the way. Everything is perfect in Italy. Their hospitality is amazing! When I think of Italians in USA, I think of proper New York Italians. Mafia and good pizzas. I haven’t […]

I’m cooking.

One of my absolute favourite dishes. Jambalaya. I know I’m not making it very well. I mean, it’s ok, but probably not like the real deal. In order to get the real deal one has to travel to Americas south. I suppose the state of Louisiana would be a good bet. I also know they […]

Almost christmass.

As I celebrate Christmas in Sweden with my family, the celebrations take place on Christmas eve (the 24th) instead of Christmas day (the 25th). So that’s tomorrow. There are celebrations tonight as well. One of my investors has a pretty big and nice birthday party. Love going to his place for parties. He has a […]