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Have a look at my Instagram!

I like Instagram so I tend to post more stuff there than in any other forum. If you aren’t already, I would be honored if you wanted to follow me there. It’s just a lot better than Facebook where you get a massive never ending flow of ads and banners before someone writes their own […]

Are you using Instagram?

Using Instagram I have an account and I try to use it somewhat regularly. I suppose I should upload something every day, but I haven’t really done that so far…. Anywhoo. Today might be the day I begin performing. My idea was to keep using my big camera when taking photos for the blog, then […]

Highlights 2015

It’s been a good year that started off with nothing but fun and games. Flying airplanes and snowboarding in Sweden. Biking and kayaking in California. Riding the American coast to coast on a motorbike then hanging out in Miami. Buying the new Audi then driving a Ferrari. Beer in Prague and then the walk from […]

A red day

Today is a holiday. That’s a good thing. My father had his 60th birthday yesterday so we ended up celebrating it a bit and I’m sort of hung over. I was planning on going to some Showjumping competitions and snap photos for Equobiz, but changed my mind. Finals are on Sunday so might go there […]